29 October 2021

illustration: pont pour Katherine & Julianna


My niece (and godchild) asks me to do illustrate the bridge she and her girlfriend see from their new apartment, so of course I did! It's an 11x17 inch piece and will be printed that size when/if she approves it. 

I have not done a landscape painting since... not sure when. I might have been a teenager the last time. Have one a couple pen and ink landscapes but only a few of them filled the canvas completely. Most were of a single subject with some scenery and most overall are of old barns. 

Painted in Krita and it was a challenge. I have been using very organic subjects  like people and the precise curves and straight lines for something this large were not working out. I ended up using Affinity Designer to sketch out the bridge part with vector art and then import it in sections as png files to paint over. 

To be honest, I have no idea what I think of this as it is so far out of my wheelhouse these days. I tried not to choke it with details and simplified the water and sky to keep the attention on the bridge itself. Hopefully, they wont hate it! I did respect their very odd request to NOT have giant tentacles coming up over the bridge. Kids today! 


T' said...

Personally, I think giant tentacles help any image! :D I have NO idea how I'd approach such a thing. The one time I tried to do plein aire painting, I just choked. I know this was done in your studio but it's still a daunting subject. You managed to bring the whole thing together chromatically very well. I certainly hope they like it!

Behemoth media said...

I seriously think this NEEDS tentacles. My ex Toby, who I always think of a "real" artist, he went to school and everything. He also lives more in that world of making art and occasionally selling it. He, like you, knows a lot more about it intellectually and historically than I ever will. I sent him this and he just said "WOW!" He was really surprised how I pulled it off. I am still unsure even though the print will soon be on the way to her house! I have the idea that when I am in Provincetown 1-3 December that I can sketch the beach and dunes and make another landscape based on that and reference photos so this isn't just a one off. There may be tentacles involved.