02 November 2021

Illustration: David dance o2

 This was different sort of challenge. The reference photo was a scan from a session I did almost 30 years ago of a print that had been damaged by water. The negative and the prints are long gone and the paper used was textured so while I loved the pose, it wasn't something I could use anywhere. So I thought turning it into an illustration wit Krita might be a good way to "resurrect it". 

Another challenge was that the reference was black and white and I wanted it to be colour. Luckily the dancer was a good friend and even rented my spare room for a time so I had other photos of him that showed off is skin tones to work from. 

The graphic element in the background seemed make him stand out more than just a solid colour would. 


T' said...

This is lovely. An interesting pose, nice tones and a good, simple background. I can totally see this being a centerfold in the book. Very nicely done!

Behemoth media said...

Thanks Wig! I sent me down a google hole trying to find my friend who posed but no luck at all! Even stuff of him the was online before is now gone!