08 November 2021

Illustration: Pride dancer (2017)


More inspiration from old photos. This time it was a dancer in the Pride parade in 2017 I thought might be a good challenge. To make it more interesting, I decided this would be my first colour Procreate painting. Procreate is missing dodge and burn tools that I use to darken and lighten areas, particularly with clothing and I had to work around that. How round can I make those butt cheeks look? Pretty round it turns out! I have to say the new Procreate update didn't help much in this project. The stabilization was nice but I didn't use the colour cards and while the 3D additions are interesting, they seem gimmicky for a drawing and painting program. It does show that higher end 3D files can be put on the iPad som maybe someone else will pick up in that and I can do 3D work on the device someday. I found the small previous update that allowed me to go from 4 to now 88 layers on this sort drawing much more exciting and useful. 

Back to the illustration. Despite missing a feature I use a lot, I still got some roundness and dimension I think. Procreate blending is all done with the smudge tool and it's workable but nowhere close to the multiple types of blending brushes I have in Krita. Despite the limitations I will do more colour work on the tablet without a doubt. The portability of it outweighs the inconveniences and I hope this proves I can get similar quality while on the run. 


T' said...

I like the figure and the flag a lot. Perhaps there aren't dodge and burn tools; never having used them ever, I don't miss them and sometimes use the eraser at low opacity to gently lighten things and a brush with low opacity to darken them. It's not something Procreate doesn't have, it just has different tools for doing the same thing. I will say that the red parts look a little flat and bright in comparison to the rest of the figure, as if there aren't many shadows there. Otherwise, you're doing great and should keep going!

Behemoth media said...

The reds were the first things I worked on and they look little cartoonish. The black outlines on the harness make that even more so. They are really there but maybe I should have ignored that detail. For the flag shading (The last part I did) I ended up using a black brush at 2-5% opacity for the shading but dodge and burn tools would have made that much easier to work out for me since I had to consistently shade across literally a rainbow of colours. I used a white brush the same way for highlights.