12 November 2021

Illustration: Flex 01

 I knew this would be a challenge and it was. The model was a good friend and a really wonderful guy. He started yoga and had transformed his body into something muscular and ripped. Not that he was anything but adorable and sexy before, he just took it to another level. He posed for a good number of photos and drawing this really let me appreciate how defined he had become. This reference photo was taken as sort of a laugh. Its a typical muscle magazine pose in many ways but I sort of love that the underwear isn't skin tight but loose and comfortable. This is actually taken from 3 reference photos, one main and then I used the others for details. One was nude but I think the underwear humanizes his ideal physique in some way and says something about him other than "hottie".  


T' said...

The body is startlingly realistic, even moreso than other things you've done. And it seems like you're really cranking these things out, too! You'll have that book done in no time!

Behemoth media said...

I think the legs are a little weak> Other than that I was happy with how it came out! I have to cut down what its in the book I think. I want everythign inthe book to be sale on whatever print service I use and I want to be able to add a new drawing every month or two and if it is successful, a BIG if, I want to do another book that might even have stuff from the 80s mixed wiht new illustrations. First step is getting the current book done and the print stuff ready for sale though.

Thanks Wig! (Bumpy's mom, Mongrel.... ) :)