02 January 2022

Illustration: Shane


Made with Procreate. My first finished drawing of the new year. I learned a little more of the procreate basics, like how to set opacity and blending modes. I still don't like using smudge as a blending tool very much. it's hard to control and I am spoiled by the multiple blending options in Krita. Doing the freckles was a nice challenge to figure out. Another from an old photoshoot sitting in a folder on the desktop. 


T' said...

I so rarely blend anything when I use Procreate. Even when I paint, I tend to just slightly shift colors and use brushes that mix a bit on their own. You make it really hard because you want to be so precise. I don't envy you your process! Looks like a lot of hard work! I like the freckles too. Here's to us both getting something done in the new year already!

Vincent-louis Apruzzese said...

No I don't make it easy on myself do I? I think I try for that precise look I get with ink when I use paint... sort of dumb but I am not unhappy with the results so maybe it's worth it? I tried to set up sidecar with my MacBook pro and my iPad but it won't work. I think the MacBook pro is just too old to do it. I might be able to with a cord but i would need some sort of weird combination cord to get from the laptop to the iPad. No time for that now, I was hoping to use the iPad as drawing tablet and use krita while I am stuck in Everett.