26 December 2021

Illustration: Nautilus septembre 21 2021


Krita gave me a nice surprise with the final update to version 5 coming out right at Christmas. I haven't been sleeping so I had more time than normal to try it out with a painting of my dog Nautilus. It is a different style than I am used to. My first idea was to block out the shapes and colours then go over them with brush strokes to detail the fur but I started tried some thicker strokes and I sort of liked the effect and went with it. I used black, white and dark blue/grey for the fur and did very little blending. Kind of a bold colour palette.  So one more done before the year ends.


T' said...

LOTS of detail in this one! All that fur. Sorry to hear you're not sleeping. Still, you got a nice portrait of Naughty out! Amazing how effective plain backgrounds can be sometimes! :D Happy New Year, Vince!

Behemoth media said...

Happy new year mike.. wig…. Bumpy’s dad…. Did I forget any? Lol
Might be my graphic design background but I do love clean simple backgrounds.