09 May 2016

De-VFlicker plugin from seed.

MOntreal_laspe_fliker test from Vincent-louis Apruzzese on Vimeo.

First 8 seconds are untreated, then the video after the effect was applied. It's quite a difference.

This new plugin from Seed came to my attention from FCP.co today and after asking if it worked with time-lapse video and getting a positive response.. I bought it immediately. De-flicker plugins cost 100s of dollars as a rule, for too much for me to buy just in case I need it. This is only 29$ USA for Final Cut X so it's well worth it.


T' said...

Wow, that's a hell of a difference. I can see why you jumped on the chance!

Behemoth media said...

It was 10$ the day before I bought it! Still, 30$ is a great price and it really works. Makes me want to do more time lapse phitography!