05 May 2020

In Production: Cask of Amontilado

Sets for this were made over a year ago and some of dialog was recorded last November. Then I prioritized making "28 Young Men" and "25 years Later".  I did the voice of Montresor but it was pretty terrible so I asked Mike Luce to re-do it and he graciously agreed.

Unlike my last 9 gothic horror animations, I decided to shake things up and go with animal characters instead of human. I think this will work better and as I got a little better making these types of characters the last couple of years it made the rigging and texturing go easier and work nicer. That said, I keep finding little corrections to make in the final models each clip so by the end, they should be perfect!

The image is of Fortunato, who will not end well in this story. The other, Montresor, is a raven based character. The setting is very dark and sombre so I added a coloured fill light to each character to keep them visible and colour coded those lights to match their roles in the story. Fortunato is warm light and Montresor is a cool blue.


T' said...

I am very interested to see how this looks, knowing the story and what happens. I think this character design looks great and very much in contrast to what's usually expected. And you can ask me to voice any time. I'm a natural ham.

Behemoth media said...

The animation is moving along and I being careful to drop mob "production schedule mentality" from working on TV shows to a just keep reworking it until it works well mentality.