19 June 2021

illustrations: Trois femmes influentes Louise brooks, Pam Grier, Nichelle Nicols

A style I wanted to try out. I also wanted to do them all in Affinity Designer  for yer iPad since I am not really familiar with the interface and want to use the iPad pro much more for design, graphics and art over the next year. 

Nothing special about the images really. I don't exactly have access to any of these women to take my own references so I used pretty well known photos but the point wasn't originality but to play with this style of portrait.


T' said...

I only really know one of these people by sight. The one critique I might have is that the likeness on Nichelle isn't quite there, but there's a real grace and solidity to each of these images and that alone makes the approach worth continuing. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get a likeness when you're trying to make images as simple as possible. It's a real balancing act. You're well on your way and should keep going!

Behemoth media said...

I think she looks like animated cartoon version of Uhura which isn't exactly what I was going for. I should have gone through the original series episodes and get references from there with her more known hair style.