07 January 2022

More illustrations while away from the studio.


The last (I think) drawing of Nathan and Pascal in my series. The rock was a challenge in the colour colour painting with it and it was in this one also. Luckily my dad was around to talk me through my problems with it. He isn't an artist but maybe could have been one in different circumstances and he helped me through three iterations of the rock. I am staying with my parents to give my brother a break from caring for them so I have been sitting in living room with the iPad out.

This new one in my leaf series went super fast and I am really happy with it. I used simple watercolour brushes and some blending and no texture brushes. 

It is an insane time of my life right now and the drawings help keep me somewhat sane though it all. 


T' said...

I think it's great that you can make art away from home. I never can. The leaf REALLY works for me. It's so subtle and so right. The acrobat is another really solid entry in the series. And hey, a way to connect with your dad. That's a good thing, too. Well done. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with while you're there.

Behemoth media said...

Thanks wig! I am really happy with the leaf too! It was surprising and I like the way it came about. I might be going home weds but maybe I will get more done before then.