09 January 2022

Illustration: Shipwreck Cape Cod

Hopefully my last drawing before I can go home. I want be on a bus back to Montreal Wednesday (at the latest) and there is stuff to handle before then. Like a get a Covid test - somewhere - that Canada will accept. 

This is another landscape? It might qualify as that. I was not sure how I would do the ocean but in the end I think that part came out well. Spent some time thinking about what to do about using grey scale for some of the details and did some white areas and then some watercolour brushwork on the boat hull. 

Drawn in Procreate on the iPad.


T' said...

I think the water is very effective. The boat is very well rendered as well. For some reason, when done in black and white, this image comes off as very cold. Perhaps I'm reading the sand as snow. But it's very well done. Nice work!

Behemoth media said...

I didn’t think of the sand reading as snow or cold but it think that is because I know what it was and couldn’t see it as anything else.
It was a winter day! Lol