27 October 2020

Jack-O- Lantern (Citrouille) digital painting

 This time I tried something with more dimension to it than a leaf. Painted mostly in Krita with some touching up in Affinity Photo. The actual pumpkin had more bumpiness to its skin, much more than I did here.I don't have the skills to pull that kind of detail off. It looks like what it is supposed to be so that's something. It just doesn't look exactly like the actual object I panted it from. I should not judge it on that criteria maybe since photorealistic is not what I'm trying to do. Still I would like to learn how to paint the sort of highly textured detail as I go along. 

22 October 2020

Nautilus @ 8 months

Been working on this on my iPad for a couple weeks. I started and restarted it a couple times and it's OK now, I think. I didn't want to use and shading tricks other than pencil and pen lines. Drawn in Sketchbook Pro. 

19 October 2020

Ok, one more leaf....

 This time I painted it in Krita to see what those tools were like. I have to say the paint brushes were so much more natural than Affinity Photo which makes sense since one is more for photos and another is made to really try and give that natural materials feel. The mixing of the paint colours over each other really felt like a real brush. leaves are very forgiving a subject so i don't fool myself that I am suddenly a painter, but I see improvement from the first one.

18 October 2020

Another leaf illustration

 I picked up a couple more leaves, to see if I could paint them in a way you can see they are 2 different leaves but the same type of leaf. They look too flat to me as did the last one. I did add a lot more detail into the veins and tried for more variations in the red of the leaves adding yellows, greens and oranges here and there to keep it from look too monochrome. I also added a background to compliment and accentuate the reds. A step ahead? Maybe I should switch to something else and see how that goes. 

15 October 2020

Leaf - watercolour - Affinity photo

 I wanted to go far from my comfort zone with this experiment. I am not really happy with my latest drawings so I tried using the water-colour brushes in Affinity Photo instead of drawing brushes. I didn't really capture the detail of the real leaf. I simply don't have the painting skills for that. I used multiple layers to build up colours and mixed them now and then with a mixing brush so they would bleed into each other more. In short, I really have no idea what I'm doing and thought this might loosen me up more and maybe give me some confidence to move into some areas of art I have been hesitant to try. 

07 October 2020

Phare - canal Lachine

 Procreate practice. Just wanted to draw something simple. 

01 October 2020

Leaf pencil sketch

 I was hoping to have many pencil drawings done after I got 2 drawing pads in January. I want to go back to the pencil and paper basics more often because I think it helps me draw better and takes me off the computer for a while.  This is only my second sheet drawn on since then so it's not going so well but at least it's going. 

The puppy dragged this leaf in with him and I threw it on the drawing table and gave myself 15 minutes to draw it. I am not sure that ebony pencils, which I've used since I was a teenager work so well for me anymore. they are nice and dark but really smudge and lose sharpness quickly.