22 December 2021

More illustrations done on my voyage to Massachusetts

 Another pen and ink style drawing o Nathan and Pascal. I think I have one more to do of them before this series is finished. 

A yellow leaf. I have, it seems, a small series of leaf paintings and illustrations. I ought to put them in a separate folder maybe. I just finished another one that I won't bore anyone with here but it's a "thing" with me apparently. 

Not sure Ill get anything else done drawing wise this year... it was  a HUGE year, actually 2 years for my artwork. Some years I didn't produce even one drawing, lately it has been several a month! 


T' said...

I swore I commented on this, but it seems to have eaten it. I think this has been a really good year for you art-wise. You've started series and made some serious work in them. These two images are similar and utterly different both in approach and treatment. That means flexing, and that's good! Keep it up, Vince!

Behemoth media said...

I might be doing more since it looks like I will be back in the states in a week so my brother can get out of the house and taking care of my parents. It will basically be sitting in the tv room for weeks and trying to keep tabs on my mom’s dementia. Thank goodness for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to try and keep me sane!